About Us

About Lianqun

Lianqun Steel was established in the 1980s. From the beginning, the company was based on steel processing and steel material sales. Gradually under the leadership of the current general manager, the company has obtained many types of certificates and ISO 9001:2008 international certification, such as: qualified cranes It is a certified and qualified manufacturer of crane manufacturing, and it is the first manufacturer in Yilan to obtain the certification of crane manufacturing.

Company business philosophy

Integrity. profession. The service team has a positive and innovative attitude, exerts the best efficiency, and provides customers with the best service quality.

Honesty. Professional. Service team, actively and innovative attitude, play the best efficiency, providing customers with the best quality of service..

Lize plant

The Lize plant was added in the 1990s. The addition of the Lize plant was to solve the lack of space in the main plant, and to provide larger use space for the production of large objects. The plant is located next to the coastal road in the Lize Industrial Zone and close to In Linlongde Industrial Zone, the traffic is greatly convenient for transportation and the advantages of Longde factory support operation.