Pingtung Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, Umbrella Frame Steel Structure Project

Various types of crane designs. Manufacturing and construction erection and after-sales service.

Sales: steel plate. Section steel. Flat/Round Iron. Tube, etc.
Production: Crane Engineering. Steel structure engineering. Steel mold etc.

Cutting and processing of various steel materials... etc.

Repair and maintenance of various related steel structures and crane related facilities...

Constructive planning

Whether it is steel product processing or crane manufacturing and construction, from planning to after-sales service, we provide customers with overall process consultation and fast and attentive service...

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Professional service

In order to provide professional services, we actively improve the training of professional personnel, and obtain qualified certifications and licenses in related professional fields, such as: heavy machinery qualified certification manufacturers...

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Precision equipment

In order to provide product accuracy, the company adopts automation equipment (CNC) such as flame cutting machine. Electric ion cutting machine. driller. Folding machines and other mechanical equipment...

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Some of our projects